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100% Recyclable


100% Safe Solid state hydrogen storage at maximum 40 bar

Superior energy

Increased energy to space ratio compared to batteries or compressed gas storage No compressor needed


Storage life expectancy of 30 years Energy storage capacity maintained over lifetime

A future that benefits from safe, green hydrogen

Aragea was founded in January 2022 by industry leaders. Otechos and Oxidane Venture are at the forefront working with sustainable energy solutions. Otechos brings industrial engineering and comercialisation expertise, and Oxidane Venture has decades offinance, technology and branding experience.

Aragea’s value lies in giving clients the tools and solutions they need to create their own energy. Delivered through applied hydrogen solutions, decreasing and eventually eliminating their dependence on fossil fuel providers.

Total safety is our most basic requirement for everything we create.

Our products

Applied hydrogen solutions

Aragea is working hard to build applied hydrogen solutions for our customers. Today we have four products that are ready for the marked, and there are more to come.

H2 Industry

H2 Supply, on site hydrogen production

Proven security product to the off-/on shore sector by Aragea sister company H2 Supply since 2017. H2 Supply develop and produce H2 Generator systems for use in potentially explosive areas solving the HSE part. Replacing large bottles of storage of hydrogen gas for use as a carrier gas.

H2 Systems


If you need a reliable proof of concept for small scale hydrogen projects, HY2Mini is your ideal solution. It’s easy to set up and highly flexible., making it perfect for new customers exploring hydrogen energy in smaller applications. HY2Mini utilizes the latest hydrogen fuel cell tech for efficient and reliable power.


HY2Medi is the ideal solution for energy needs that fall within the lower-to-mid range spectrum. This system offers flexibility and safety as a backup power supply or for micro grids. It can also be configured to provide both electricity and thermal energy, maximizing its usefulness in a variety og settings.


HY2Mega is the ultimate solution for larger-scale hydrogen storage needs in utility-scale grid cases of decorbaonizing hard-to abate sectors. Its stackable design maximizes storage capacity, and it can be integrated seamlessly with existing electrolysis processes. With HY2Mega, you can harness the power og green hydrogen as an industrial feedstock, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Enabling safe, green hydrogen


Green hydrogen is produced by the  electrolysis of water, using  renewable  energy. 

The hydrogen can be generated by renewable resources like hydro, solar and wind power.


Our green hydrogen solutions are safe and reliable. This enables our solutions to be used wherever energy is needed.


Custom-made solutions to fit your logistical value chain.

News section

Partnership with GKN Hydrogen

GKN Hydrogen and ARAGEA sign agreement to enter and develop the Scandinavian green hydrogen market

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Aragea acquires H2Supply

In February 2023 Aragea acquired 100% of H2Supply

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Aragea speaks at Arendalsuka

Aragea represented by Even Ovnerud was one of the speakers at Arendalsuka 2023

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Aragea are members of the Agder H2Network

Through the Agder H2Network, a broad partnership of private and public actors will together highlight what Agder can contribute to a further national hydrogen investment

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Contact us with interest for the future of energy.

Energy of the future.